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Checking password expiration with Net User command line

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The Net User command is a very simple technique to determine when an AD user account password expires. This command is one of the "net commands" that allows you to add, remove, or edit a computer's user account.

Command Line

To utilize net user, launch the command line interface cmd for Windows: Type "cmd" into the search bar, or click the "Windows logo + R" keys to open the Run utility, and then type "cmd."

Use the "net user" command with the following additional options on a command prompt:
net user [username] /domain

[username]: This parameter specifies the name of the user account.
/domain: Displays information about the domain controller's user name account.
You can use the "net user /?" command to learn more about the command's syntax.

The following screenshot shows an example. With the command "net user [username] /domain"

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