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I highly recommended that you sign up an account with DOJ CLEW (California Law Enforcement Web) for AB953 technical resources: https://clew.doj.ca.gov/sd-ab953. There you will find information on: system interface diagrams & specifications, lookup tables, and technical data dictionary.
On this page, I will explain briefly how to submit your STOP data to DOJ from self-hosted web application. You have two options: Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or Web Service.

DOJ requires each agency to submit its data to DOJ by April 1st of the following year. DOJ accepts 4 types of data: XML, JSON, Excel, and CSV. I will be discussing the most two common data types: XML and JSON. You can find out other data types in the technical data dictionary. Sample of XML and JSON format can be downloaded here: XML Sample and JSON Sample.

Submitting STOP Data through SFTP

You can use FileZilla or WinSCP. Contact DOJ for the login information. I'm using WinSCP and here are some of the screen shots.
WinSCP LoginWinSCP Logged-in
Once logged-in, you have two options to select "TEST" for test environment and "PROD" is for the production environment.
WinSCP LoginWinSCP Logged-in
In this example, I selected "PROD" that is the production environment. The same structure is for TEST environment. Once I selected "PROD", I have 2 options: "incoming_to_DOJ", and "responses_from_DOJ". In the "incoming_to_DOJ", you have four different file types to upload. In my case, I upload XML files, so I select "XML" folder.
I usually start out with 1000 files on my first upload. If everything looks good, I will upload 5,000 files, 10,000 files, and 20,000 files. DOJ has a service that runs at night to process these files. Once the files are processed, a report will be sent into the "responses_from_DOJ". You will find a report in csv file, its name looks something like this: SDCS_Summary_[Agency-ORI]_[Date].csv.

Submitting STOP Data through Web Service

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