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You have 2 choices: Self-hosted Web Application or use DOJ Stop Data Collection System
My recommendation is that you do a self-host web application because you can control your data and create your own custom reports.

Self-hosted Web Application

These web applications are no longer valid for RIPA 2024 because the laws have changed.
The San Diego County Sheriff's Department is developing an open-source stand-alone (no third party system integrations) web application. The application is built using ASP.NET MVC with Entity Framework and ReactJS UI.
SD RIPA Source: https://github.com/SanDiegoCountySheriff/RIPA
SD RIPA Demo: https://ripademo.azurewebsites.net/

DOJ Stop Data Collection System

Stop Data Collection System is the web application that allows you to collect and submit your stop record data to DOJ. Once the stop data is submitted to DOJ, it is stored in DOJ’s data warehouse indefinitely. Only those who have an active account for the DOJ Portal/Identity Management (IDM) can access the SDCS web application. Please contact DOJ for more information.

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