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Traditional ASP.NET Web App to ASP.NET Core

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Migrating from ASP.NET to Core is doable but not without some heavy lifting, Microsoft's app dev manager says. "I do believe the change is worth the time if you are looking at moving to the cloud," according to Mike Finley. Cross-platform needs, high-performance systems and Docker containers are some of the reasons developers may want to move from MVC to Core.

Key Reasons for Moving from ASP.NET to.NET CoreSupport for All Platforms
ASP.NET Core development supports multiple platforms, which was not possible with earlier versions of.Net. Developers can make apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it can be used to make cloud and IoT apps with modern architecture.

Better performance and ability to scale up
The performance, speed, and efficiency of this framework have been improved. Scalability is not a problem with modern architectural ideas like containerization and microservices. Net Core is made to handle apps made with a lot of small services or tools like Docker.

Safer and quicker to market
Modular architecture, Razor Pages, powerful UI components, regular updates, more community support, secure processes, easy integration of client-side frameworks, lightweight, ready for the cloud, and built-in dependency injection all make development faster and let businesses take advantage of continuous development and deployments.

Even though there are a lot of.NET developers on the market, ASP.NET Core framework is a huge step forward compared to ASP.NET Framework, and there are many changes and new ideas. Developers need time and extra work to learn how to use this new tool.

When should you use.NET Core instead of.NET Framework? I would suggest.NET Core if you are starting from scratch with an app and it has all the features you need. The future is.NET Core, and.NET Core will only improve with time.

For existing applications that make use of libraries that are not yet available for.NET Core, using.NET Framework is the best option.

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