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Singleton vs Static class

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A static class is one that has only static methods, for which a better word would be "functions". The design style embodied in a static class is purely procedural.

Singleton, on the other hand, is a pattern specific to OO design. It is an instance of an object (with all the possibilities inherent in that, such as polymorphism), with a creation procedure that ensures that there is only ever one instance of that particular role over its entire lifetime.
using System;  
using System.Collections.Generic;  
using System.Linq;  
using System.Text;  
namespace SingletonVsStaticClass  
    class SomeClass  
        public int ABC;  
    public sealed class SingletonSampleClass  
        static  SingletonSampleClass _instance;  
        public static SingletonSampleClass Instance  
            get { return _instance ?? (_instance = new SingletonSampleClass()); }  
        private SingletonSampleClass() { }  
        public string Message { get; set; }  
    static public class StaticSampleClass  
        private static readonly int SomeVariable;  
        //Static constructor is executed only once when the type is first used.   
        //All classes can have static constructors, not just static classes.  
        static StaticSampleClass()  
            SomeVariable = 1;  
            //Do the required things  
        public static string ShowValue()  
            return string.Format("The value of someVariable is {0}", SomeVariable);  
        public static string Message { get; set; }  
    class Program  
        static void Main(string[] args)  
            //Normal class instantiation and usage  
            var someClass = new SomeClass {ABC = 5};  
            Console.WriteLine("Normal class usage: "+someClass.ABC);  
            //Static Class instantiation  
            string returnValue = StaticSampleClass.ShowValue();  
            Console.WriteLine("Static class usage: " + returnValue);  
            //Singleton class instantiation  
            var singletonSampleClass = SingletonSampleClass.Instance;  
            singletonSampleClass.Message = "Hello";  
            Console.WriteLine("Singleton class usage: " + singletonSampleClass.Message);  
            //Test the instances if are equal  
            var anotherSingletonSampleClass = SingletonSampleClass.Instance;  
            Console.WriteLine("Checking if both instances are same: "+ singletonSampleClass.Equals(anotherSingletonSampleClass) );  

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